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Retail: Proximity Marketing

The capabilities and techniques of online marketing are available now for traditional offline retailers, through our Bluetooth Beacon-based integrated solution.

Engage in real time with your customers, convert prospects, send coupons for your special offers, advertise for your partners, gather powerful analytics about visitors’ in-store behavior.

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Bring the richest possible customer experience into your brick-and-mortar store

Acquire more customers

Send discount coupons, special offers and other notifications to shoppers outside your store.

Serve customers better

Enable in-store navigation, on-demand sales support and contactless in-app payments.

Build customer loyalty

Offer targeted promotions to loyal customers based off past purchases and personal preferences.

Hotels: Contextual Hospitality

Just like retailers imagine they can reinvigorate retail through beacons, so do hotels. Hotel apps in combination with beacons can take away many of the hotel formalities and make aspects such as room service, contact with staff, and in-room entertainment more interactive.

Engage in real time with your guest, keyless entry into rooms, send push notifications messages, send coupons for your special offers, Gain customer insights, gather powerful analytics about guest behavior.

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Re-imagine guest service and hospitality by triggering location-based messages

Friction-less Check-in

Enable digital check-in, keyless entry into rooms and navigate guests to their respective rooms as they enter your hotel.

Upsell and Upscale

Upsell products and services based on your guest’s activities. For example, offer a free cocktail while your guest is at the poolside lounge.

Gain customer insights

Measure dwell times, how much time visitors spend at different locations of the hotel, or which areas are most popular, when guests walk around the property.

Restaurants: Enhance Expercience

Send special offers or other promotions to those who have the Restaurant app installed and are in the vicinity of the Restaurant by placing beacons within a few blocks in either direction of the restaurant’s location.

Beacons empower restaurants with the ability to engage customers better through a real-world experience while gaining a 360-degree view of consumers needs and interests.

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Events: Engagement

Take advantage of context and surprise your visitors or attendees at conferences, fairs, concerts, festivals or exhibitions, by offering them an interactive off & online experience.

Don’t forget that an event means social connections, so help them to find, know and connect each other.

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Education: Interactive Learning

Technology is ready to transform schools, to speed up the learning process, and to facilitate the information sharing. Mobile applications are able to double the knowledge flow between students and teachers.

Use Beacons-based apps for real-time interactions, polls, focus groups and debates, challenge the students’ community with smart activities like treasure hunts or quiz instant competitions.

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Encourage individual research and discoveries

Place Bluetooth Beacons in school’s courtyard or on hallways and create dedicated learning zones for different sciences. Create clubs, groups of research, co-working teams for various disciplines. Build interactive games and contests using the mobile middleware and our cloud-based platform and offer awards to motivate participants and to encourage positive competition.

Effective instant interactions


Inform your internal public about their programs, scheduled courses, individual learning progresses and grades, community news, last moment changes.
At the same time, keep a solid contact with parents, which can have access to all this information, in a customized manner.

Share only relevant content, monitor online access

By using a Mobile Device Management application, tutors can temporary limit online access only to desired web addresses, depending on the location and the daily program of the students. Professors can instantly transmit multimedia material to all students’ tablets having the school’s application installed.

Banking: Customized Communication

Use beacon infrastructures to detect the presence of your customers close to the bank, before they enter your branch. Your account managers will know who these customers are and what do they exactly need, by integrating our APIs with the bank’s CRM platform.

Use bank apps to make payments without the need for cards only be detecting beacons around.

Customers will receive the newest personalized and relevant information and a customized experience from their bank. For data security reasons, the solution is ready for Virtual Appliance deployment.

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Bring museums to life with location-based, rich-media content and boost real-time interactivity

Gamify museum visits

Offer information about exhibits based on a visitor’s interest. Pose riddles, quiz visitors and conduct a treasure hunt using your app.

Gather visitor data

Understand the most popular exhibit by measuring the time spent by visitors at different sections of the museum.

Offer self-guided tours

Provide rich information on exhibits in the form of videos, audio clips and photographs. Offer more information on demand.


Accurate location can boost mobile conversions by over 2X

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